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Who we are?

HHPC Services has come a very long way from small, but promising beginnings. Since 2014, HHPC Service has been the provider for residential and commercial pest control: from termites and wood borers to cockroaches and others we safely eliminate all unwanted pests. We are now a formidable player in the home hygiene space, providing professional, safe and fast Home Cleaning Solutions to give you a sparkling “good as new” feel to your home. Our trained technicians use only the latest technology, techniques and equipment. They are background verified for your family’s safety.

HHPC Services network, our reach and strength increased rapidly due to HHPC Service innovative approach and safe advanced technology that enable long-lasting elimination of pets from residential or commercial premises. with strict enforcement of company guidelines for pest control. licensing control are strictly authorised to. HHPC respects nature and life and offers complete safety for your entire family: children, pets and elders. With a dedicated 24×7 call centre, HHPC Services is regarded as easy to reach to its customer.

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Fast, Effective and efficient Control of Pests & Bugs at your Residential or commercial space - ALL AT ONCE.


Our Trained Pest control Professionals Inspect Your Place And Comes With An Exact Solutions at Cost Effective Charges.


Termite, Cockroach, Bed Bugs & Mosquito Control Services at Your Doorstep with our Professional Technicians.


Our trained Pest control Professional and Technicians are capable of providing end to end solutions to all your pest control needs.

Our path

HHPC Services Pest control: a first in Hyderabad

In 2014, from V Sailu and Srinivas and renamed the company “HHPC SERVICES PVT LTD” with V Sailu as MD, In 2014, HHPC Services was founded odorless very safe, .

In 2014, HHPC Services (in which V Sailu controlled 80% stake) shifted focus to the B2B space. HHPC Services became a very Medium foreign employer in India with over 500 employers. In 2014 India Value Fund investors and V SAILU acquired HHPC Services becomes a total Hygiene Company V SAILU became the chairman of HHPC Services, HHPC Services expanded into Home Cleaning and became South Zonal player in the home and commercial Hygiene space. HHPC Services now served both residential and commercial customers with both technical pest control and professional cleaning services.

New Leadership takes HHPC Services forward!

In May 2015, HHPC Services came under the leadership of a dynamic duo, CEO V Srujana and COO V Srinivas. In March 2016, HHPC Services strengthened its presence in the Home hygiene space. This service complemented the pest control services and had 10% growth each year! HHPC Services responded instantly by launching Hyderabad first Anti-dengue and Anti-malaria pest control (targeted service). In February 2017, HHPC Services expanded its Home Cleaning Service into the B2B and Security services in 2017 space with investments.

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