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Termite Control Service in Hyderabad

Termite spread has been the most prominent issue leading billions of rupees loses. We HHPC provides versatile Termite Control services Hyderabad. The sheer focus has been to identify prominent threats to your property and provide custom-designed solutions. The diversified experience since 2014 has made us efficient to tackle all prominent pests. We have been efficiently providing hygiene spaces by removing all types of wood borers, termites & cockroaches. With years of providing international standard services, we have been a formidable player in eliminating all unwanted pests.

The customer-centric approach of HHPCServices has led us to offer safe, professional & rapid house cleaning services. The trained technicians at Deep Cleaning Services are checked for their background history adhering to security policies. We follow state-of-art equipment and devices to most long-lasting & versatile mosquito control services. The constant support & continuous efforts have made us expand our services to reach far-fetched customers. At HHPC Services, we offer infant safe solution known for their long-lasting presence.


Termite silently destroy your furniture, cupboards, almirahs etc and it can even damage the structure and foundation of your property. Termites cause damage to your homes and offices.


Disadvantages of termite.

Damages which are caused by the termite may also lead to saviour health issues especially for elder people and children in your house due to their lower resistance power.

If the infection of the termite is not treated it may cause huge damage to your property.

Structural damage is caused when termite eat the wood.

By the time  termite infestation is discovered, the damage will be usually very high.

Termite effects the beauty of the home.

Termite damage depends on some of the factors like

  • Termite size.
  • Termite breed.
  • Availability of the moisture.
  • Openings in the homes foundation, walls, roof.



Why to trust our sevices ?

We provide pest control treatments at reasonable cost, safe eco-friendly chemicals are used in our service. We provide the complete eradication services for all termite infected areas.

You  can also try out some home remedies to control the termites, but it is not the permanent solution, it may give you relief only for short period of time just a temporary relief it can’t eradicate termites from your premises completly. for this  reason you can choose our pest control services ,don’t wait till termite becomes an issue.

We care for you,Prevention is better than cure

Will termite come back after the treatment ?

Eventhough, all liquid termiticides are supposed to control termites for atleast 5-6 years  when applied by name bearings. The real length of control on a given structure depend upon variables, like

  • Thoroughness of the application
  • Based on the conditions of the environment.
  • Density of termites in the zone.

Our termite exterminators guarantee to liberally splash termite compound in totally invaded regions and regions in danger of invasion. However,if termites swarm again and keep on being an issue the year after treatment, it’s typically not from debasement of the termiticide but since termites have discovered an untreated hole in the concoction boundary. Along these lines, on the off chance that you see termite pervasion complete termite treatment right away. This will reduce the termite treatment cost and furthermore forestall extreme harms.

Our termite control services

  • Hhpc ensures to provide safe and eco-friendly chemicals.
  • Our expertise are well trained and they thoroughly examine the background.
  • We are always quick in response and provide best termite control service.



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