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Mosquito Control Services in Hyderabad

Possible health risks and inconveniences from mosquitos

Mosquitoes can be a significant nuisance when residing in high humid regions. They not only cause distraction in periods of sleep leaving itching bite marks and keeping us awake at night and also carry deadly diseases like Chikungunya & Dengue. The irritation caused   by mosquito bite might leave an itching mark on little children.

Mosquitoes have been in existence since the dinosaur period which is 400 million years prior.

They are discovered near still water, where their hatchlings sustain and create.

They are attracted to bright, dark colours and Heat

Bigger people tend to attract more mosquitoes because they release higher Carbon Dioxide and lactic acid.

Professional mosquitoes control in Hyderabad

At HHPC we provide versatile solutions through Mosquito Control Service we offer are among the best pest control services in Hyderabad. We survey your area and provide custom-designed solutions. The diversified experience over the years in offering world-class Mosquito Control Service in Hyderabad has made us formidable among all. With mosquitoes being the prominent issues all, we leave your spaces free from future infestation of mosquitoes. The chemicals we use have been approved under the guidelines of the Central Insecticides Board (CIB). The dosages we work with are tested in the laboratory for their safety measures.

Contact us and that we will arrange our local team to get in touch with you

We will analyze  your  pest  problem, Prepare a survey if necessary and provide recommendations  and quote


Our experienced  technicians will deliver professional service at your premises.

Well-trained and professional technicians.

Innovative pest control products and services.

Safety, Health & Environment Policies.

Our dedicated customer care team will look out for your queries and complaints.

Service Warranty

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Key Features

Most effective against Malaria & Dengue Mosquitoes other Public Health pests

Long-lasting Residual Control for a minimum of two Months on Many surfaces

How can we help you ?

We have been using state-of-art equipment to offer services to our clients. The technician we work in is trained and certified under the guidance of industry experts. All the technicians have been background checks for their history under local police stations. Since we offer top priority to our customers’ safety. At HHPC, we eradicate an issue right from its roots rather than just eliminating a nuisance.

Our clients trust their one-stop solutions to mosquito issues. The years of providing a segment of Professional, Safe & Rapid services has been our image. In order to create a benchmark for the services we continuously introspect ourselves. The services we offer are completely infant safe & pet safe for which our clients blindly trust. We provide a holistic approach in targeting mosquitoes by completely destroying their breeding regions along with their larvae.

How does mosquito  infestation damage your business ?

Mosquito infestation not leaves your family anxious but also affects your business. Your employees might significantly lose trust upon you. One can face serious issues associated with their employees and self-health. Over all deterioration in image and loss of business opportunities due to discomfort due to mosquitoes. At HHPC, we have years of experience in resolving issues and their prominent causes.

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